Love Bomb - 60's style mod-punk-pop
Music Video for The Rebelles - One band, 15 women!
By A Thread... pop-encrusted electro-dance... 
Music Video for Yeah Wednesday, from the album "Gravity Is Our Friend..."

Space Jungle Otter - Music Video by Happy Chappy

Dark, brooding, blues-infused electro rock... 
Music Video by Yeah Wednesday, from the album "Gravity Is Our Friend..."
"Deep Backward Square Leg" by The New Windsor Porn Stars vs The Pussy Willows 
- trust a bunch of Aussies to provide the missing link between cricket & sex!
The much-anticipated, full-length Music Video for the ultimate in sporting songs...  
a veritable Musical Karma Sutra Of Cricket! ​​​​​​​
- a tongue'n'cheek reflection on excess... the faceless minority... and the dangers of misusing a rubber plunger!
Alternative Electro Rock Pop - First single for Yeah Wednesday, from their debut album "Gravity Is Our Friend..."

Happy Chappy's first music video, from his debut album... "Music to Make Breakfast by"...

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